Full name:
Renée Prudence Caverstein

Born in:
Little Rock, Arkansas

June 14th (Gemini)


People tend to call Renée "slow", "naive", and in less polite conversation, "mentally retarded."

Blame her mother for that—she was the one who kept her little girl far away from the more dangerous things in life, like lead paint, sugar, rock music, cigarettes, alcohol, violence on TV, bad language, junk food, caffeine, fact, she wouldn't even buy her daughter new clothes—all Renée had worn for twelve years were her older sister's hand-me-downs. These days, you can't tell if her acute sense of loyalty is because of her friendly demeanor or how she was programmed during childhood.

Sooner or later, though, everyone grows up, and not even Renée wanted to be treated like a child forever—especially when the teasing at school turned into straight-up bullying. Fortunately, just in time for junior high, she met Katrina, who was more than willing to show her everything she'd been missing out on, like marshmallow cereal and the original Star Wars trilogy.

The two of them had a falling out after Renée joined the popular clique. She thought it would be a good way to show everyone she's not a kid anymore, and maybe meet a nice boy along the way. It's mindboggling that she had even lasted a year among them before a more prestigious (and more desperate) popular girl got her kicked out.

In times of personal crisis, it pays to know who your friends are. And Renée could really use one right now.