Terry Katrina Renée

Full name: Terry Winston Kupowski
Born in: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Birthday: September 29th (Libra)
GPA: 2.9

A social outcast from the day he was born, Terry was raised by the black sheep (white sheep?) of a family of religious fanatics in Canada. Considering that the fruit never falls far from the tree as far as most people are concerned, Terry didn't have many friends at his old school...or ANY, if we're honest. Now he's in the USA hoping to make some, though at a place like Thomas Bowdler Junior High, that's a pretty tall order...or is it?

Full name: Katrina W(ilhelmina) Ratcliffe
Born in: Independence, Missouri
Birthday: December 14th (Sagittarius)
GPA: 3.2

Certain people hate to see a young lady as smart as Katrina fall in with a bad crowd. The truth is she's in no danger of that happening, but that hasn't stopped them from trying to guide her to the straight and narrow path she is already on. She doesn't care for typical girly things like clothes and make-up and especially boys, which has made her new friendship with Terry suspicious to many.

Full name: Renée Prudence Caverstein
Born in: Little Rock, Arkansas
Birthday/Sign: June 14th (Gemini)
GPA: 2.8

Renée wants to be everybody's friend. Whether it's because she's naturally friendly or it's how her overprotective mother programmed her throughout her childhood isn't that clear. Nevertheless, she is an unbelievably nice person, which many people find annoying and others find quite convenient. In spite of this, she's not as naive as she looks, and she is incredibly loyal only to those she calls friends.

Mike Bonnie Ludwig

Full name: Michael Elias Wenchell
Born in: Rochester, Minnesota
Birthday: May 2nd (Taurus)
GPA: 2.5

Mike has two things that almost guarantee a person will have no social life whatsoever: a creative urge and an overactive imagination. He can't go two minutes without getting some crazy idea in his head, and when his mind wanders, he often wanders along with it. Yet even he is not immune to the ravages of puberty—he's itching to make time on his busy schedule of daydreaming to talk to a nice girl.

Full name: Bonnie Jane Shizumoto
Born in: Kyoto, Japan
Birthday: August 25th (Virgo)
GPA: 3.0

Bonnie was born to the son of a major Japanese businessman who took an American wife and moved to the States in order to live a simple life. She has everything a girl could want—looks, grace, and her choice of any boy in school. Sadly, the boys at Thomas Bowdler Junior High like her for two reasons, and they're not her brains and her personality. So why is she interested in a certain Canadian transfer student?

Full name: Ludwig Marcus Braithwaite III
Born in: Tacoma, Washington
Birthday: July 9th (Cancer)
GPA: 3.3

Ludwig's parents have always had high hopes for him, and considering the neighborhood his family used to live in, who could blame them? It's just that the urge to excel academically can be a strain on a boy of Ludwig's age, especially when everyone else feels stupid in comparison. His good grades make him the best person to cheat off of, and his brains make him the voice of reason nobody listens to.

Spencer Phoebe Phoebe

Full name: Spencer James Edwards
Born in: Pueblo, Colorado
Birthday: March 9th (Pisces)
GPA: 3.0

From the day he was born, Spencer was always a little different—not surprising for a genius like him. He taught himself to read at the age of four, and after that moved on to computer programming, web page design, and some engineering. In fact, the only thing he's not very good at is basic social interaction. He was usually too engrossed in his hobbies—and dealing with bullies at school—to make friends.

Full name: Phoebe Anne Podgorney
Born in: Birmingham, England
Birthday: April 10th (Aries)
GPA: 3.2

Back in her native England, Phoebe was the terror of her old east London grammar school, and all the lower forms would soil themselves at the mere mention of her name. When her parents couldn't take it anymore, they shipped her to the States, where she now lives with her cousin Spencer. She's mellowed since then, but her reputation came overseas with her, and there's no shortage of people who make her angry.

Full name: Celeste Anne Deneuve
Born in: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Birthday: January 29th (Aquarius)
GPA: 3.0

The loud, boisterous Celeste was a recurring motif throughout Terry’s childhood. She started out as one of his biggest tormentors, but later followed him into video games and became his biggest rival. When she moved away after grade school, Terry thought she was out of his life forever—until he moved to the same town she did. So now the feud is on again, although Celeste claims to have matured since they last met.