I'm currently remastering the really old pages, so there may be some discrepancies between the story and the art. You can follow these newly-redone pages on my comic hubs on Tapas and Webtoon. Every chapter I finish will eventually find its way here, with a new chapter-based webpage to boot.


Chapter 1 Southern Exposure Tapas Webtoon
Chapter 2 Southern Exposure, part two Tapas Webtoon
Chapter 3 Fishlips Sink Ships Tapas Webtoon
Chapter 4 Fishlips Sink Ships Part Deux Tapas Webtoon
Chapter 5 After-Party Foul Tapas Webtoon
Chapter 6 The (Beautiful) People vs. Renée Caverstein Tapas Webtoon
Chapter 7-8 With Freds Like These
Chapter 9 A Lesson in Evolutionary Theory
Chapter 10 Evolutionary Theory: The Movie
Chapter 11-12 The Trouble with Girls (and How to Get Out of It)
Chapter 13 Dead Mall Walking
Chapter 14 Domo Arigato, Miss Shizumoto
Chapter 15-16 Mad Dawgs and Englishwomen
Chapter 17 Mad Dawgs and Englishwomen: Election Year
Chapter 18 Mad Dawgs and Englishwomen: The Runoff
Chapter 19 A Mike Wenchell Joint
Chapter 20 A Mid-Semester's Day Dream
"Suburban Survival 101"